Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Trip to the Seaside

It hit 25 degrees this afternoon with no wind and clear blue skies. We decided to explore the north end of the beach at Weston super Mare and take a look around the headland to Sand Bay.

The next two pictures are from the pub at Anchor Head looking back towards Weston beach.

After a cream-tea lunch and a brief sunbathe we were back home late afternoon.

Here's Adrian explaining the finer points of his high-spec digital camera to potential bird-photographer Clare. The feeders are all set up, hanging somewhat forlornly in the front garden. We just wait for the weather to signal to the birds that it's Autumn - time to feed artifically, little guys!

A cheap gibe from Clare - "Are you finding the maths too difficult?"

"Einstein's General Theory of Relativity - honestly, how hard could it be?"

In truth the book has stayed resolutely closed this last couple of days not due to the inherent difficulty of the maths or the rather dry material I'm currently ploughing through. A session just needs a couple of hours of focused concentration and ... yesterday we did a day-trip to Bristol and today it was the seaside. We're going to have three more hot days this year so expect no further progress in GR until next week.