Monday, September 05, 2011

Three in a bed with Pillowmena

Clare was having such a comfy time snoozing on the couch in the living room, to a whispering soundtrack from the TV. She put it down entirely to the fact she was supported on one side. This immediately initiated a cascade of ideas about bringing a similar solution to the bedchamber.

We discussed putting a slab of wood at the edge of her side (but how would she easily get out?) and then debated pully arrangments and sliding door technologies. Eventually she fastened upon a simpler, lower-tech solution.

I was initially suspicious of the 'three in a bed' idea. "I can see why you might like to sleep between two blokes, but what's in it for me?"

My doubts were extinguished when she announced that her companion would be 'Pillowmena', 'Pillowma' for short. That's her in red below.

While I don't get to sleep with Clare on one side and Pillowma on the other, it is recorded that she's a success, despite her lack of weight and tendency to slide if pushed.


Adrian got a call first thing this morning and is now back at the Cheese Factory in deepest Somerset for the next month.


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