Friday, May 13, 2011

Clevedon Court

Yesterday we visited Clevedon Court, near Clevedon. I had imagined it as a large stately home in extensive gardens but actually it's quite compact.

Here's a shot from the gardens behind the house, which rise steeply for a 150 metres or so.

Adrian has caught Clare (partially hidden) and myself at the front entrance to the house.

This picture, and the one below are the same frame. The picture is painted on slats which run top-to-bottom and at right angles to the picture surface. So from one direction you see a girl ...

... and from the other direction a bird. By painting also on the surface of the canvas it's possible to create three images - as seen on another picture in the house which we didn't photograph.

And here is a spooky young Miss in one of the bedrooms.

Afterwards we visited the Wai Yee Hong Chinese Supermarket near IKEA in Bristol. That gave us the ingredients and IKEA gave us a couple of cheap Woks. This evening, Clare and Adrian celebrated by cooking something with minced pork and peppers which we all agreed was the worst-tasting meal we have ever had in this house.