Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Clare's operation a success

UPDATE: (3 pm): Clare now arrived back home & asleep in own bed.
We were at Taunton hospital for 7.30 a.m. yesterday morning although Clare was not admitted to theatre until 2.30 pm. The surgeon called me at quarter to five to indicate that the operation had been successful. I finally met up with a drugged but calm Clare in Ward 5 at around half past six. I'll check in an hour - it is possible she may be back home even this afternoon.

The badger emerging from behind the shed

As I was making breakfast yesterday morning at 6 am, prior to leaving for the hospital, I noticed we had a badger in our back garden. He was exploring behind the shed so I grabbed my camera-phone.

The badger on our patio

This is the money shot, as he ambles along our patio. Definitely time to get the cat-food out overnight. (The kit-e-kat cans rejected by Shadow who prefers stuff with some measurable level of meat in it).

Rumours it was slithering have been denied

This, served up before Clare went into hospital, is a challenge to you. Have we gone all French, or is there a more benign explanation?

A strange bird in our front garden

Here he is again, playing with the birds.