Thursday, April 07, 2011

A taste of summer

We're blessed by some wonderful walks here in the Mendips. This afternoon we parked at the top end of the Cheddar Gorge and walked up the path through Black Rock and into Long Wood. We came back via Velvet Bottom: a couple of pictures of myself and Clare on the way back down.

When I bought my ASUS Netbook last Saturday the salesperson at the Cribbs Causeway PC World store looked at me sharply and said, "You do have a proper computer don't you, as well?" At the time I thought this was a curious point but now I understand what he meant.

The Netbook, running Windows 7 starter, is just fine. Configuring it has taken a couple of days (see previous post) but really presented few problems. The trouble is inherent in a design which costs just a couple of hundred pounds, uses a low-power processor and utilises just 1 GB of RAM.

The machine is midway between a serious device and a toy. It can do everything but it's just so slow! And just a bit brittle as compared to the robust HP laptop which I'm using to write this post. Still, it's just 1 kg and runs for ages on its battery; ideal for travelling around.