Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Unable to walk (Cabot Circus)

Down to Bristol today to visit my mother and my brother, Adrian who's currently staying with her. We lunched at Cabot Circus, the new mall in the centre of town.

From the multi-storey car park there's a curious walk-way at level 3 across to the shopping concourse, pictured above. The angled walls and roof create the illusion that the floor is tilted and it's very difficult to walk straight.

As you can see from her expression (click on the picture to make it larger) my mother can't actually cross this bridge with her eyes open. As she stopped, wobbled and flailed for the handrail she whispered "Everyone thinks I'm drunk!" Adrian, also pictured, offers scant sympathy.

We came back at ground level and rejoined the car via the lift.