Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Burnham-on-Sea in January

Looking for a walk where we wouldn't sink up to our middles in mud, we decided on the forty minute drive to Burnham-on-Sea. There we were able to promenade on the front and thence onto the sea wall abutting the river Brue at the south end of town. The tide was on the turn and for once we saw the parked-up sailing boats actually afloat.

The mouth of the River Brue at Highbridge

The seafront at Burnham on Sea

Only the hardiest of couples were out and about so the scene, as you can see above, was largely deserted.

Sunlight on the water and on Wales

Somewhere, out there across the water, the sun was shining on Wales: here, the best that could be achieved was a certain dappling on the shallow water.

Beach-front properties

Beach-front architecture is largely uninspiring in English seaside resorts. The apartments pictured above, with their top-storey white wood panelling and glass-protected balconies might appear quite attractive: they are marred, however, by the pervasive use of grey brick walling, reminiscent of breeze blocks. Short of demolition, a campaign of bright pastel colouring seems to be their only hope.

Clare and Nigel in the chill wind off the sea

Finally, a self-portrait of your intrepid reporters. It was pretty keen out there!