Wednesday, November 17, 2010


The humidifier arrived this morning and is currently in the living room puffing out mist even as I write. Our centrally-heated air was so dry that I've felt no discernible difference yet. It's rather cute in action. It can be set to go continuously or in a one-minute-on-x-minutes-off mode.

There's also an ionizer setting if you want those wonderful negative ones in the room with you.

The vapour plume is so fine that it doesn't feel wet, just cool. The box says that it's formed by an ultrasonic transducer but I haven't researched how that could work. As you can see, there's plenty of water in the container.

So this morning was like Christmas, as Clare got to open the Kenwood electric whisk we bought yesterday at the Weston-super-Mare Argos. The new things on our menu which this enables are apparently: (i) fairy cakes; (ii) soups; (iii) pancakes; (iv) fluffy omelettes; (v) soufflés.

The arrows point to our new purchases.