Thursday, October 28, 2010


Back yesterday evening from a three day holiday at Aldeburgh, a pleasant and posh Suffolk seaside resort north of Felixstowe. It's so charming that the pub we went to on Monday night was next door to Ruth Rendell's house. Any celebrity called Chris (Tarrant, Evans) apparently either owns a property here or regularly vacations. The picture shows the sea-front and in the far distance along the "boardwalk" you may just be able to make out the Sizewell-B nuclear station.

The Sea-Front at Aldeburgh

We were staying in a large house arranged by Clare's niece, Jane, I guess there must have been around 15 of us at any one time: it was a kind of rolling week with people checking in for a couple of days and then moving out in time for the next set. The house itself was charmingly old, sprawling, comfortable and warm and here's a picture of Clare in the drawing room.

Clare in the Drawing Room

Monday we went to Sutton Hoo, a National Trust site a few miles south of us. This is the location of the Anglo-Saxon longship which was discovered and excavated in 1939 (we had already seen the treasure in the British Museum). There isn't so much to be seen at the site itself - it's mostly a chance to appreciate the topography of the site, indicating the difficulties they must have had dragging the longship from the water to the top of the hill where it was buried. However, the exhibition centre is quite informative.

Tuesday we drove to Sizewell B hoping to walk around the Visitor's Centre. At the gates there was a sign: "The Visitor Centre is Closed. Turn around and Drive Away": I guess not much room for ambiguity there. We then drove on to Southwold (pictured below) as the weather deteriorated, the wind began to gust and rain spat in our faces. We were thankfully soon back in front of the fire.

A rough day at Southwold

On our way home yesterday we lunched at Finchinfield (pictured). We took the scenic route back, stopping at two of our past houses.

Nigel at Finchinfield

We lived in Saffron Walden in the early 1980s and then moved to Sible Hedingham in 1986 where we stayed for nine years. Both houses have been extended/reworked (obviously) since then.

Where we used to live: Saffron Walden

Where we used to live: Sible Hedingham