Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sex on Saturday

They're stuttering around the pitch like blind men, frustrated and tensed up after weeks of deprivation. There's only one thing for it: send in the WAGs. Across England critical-response teams power up their prowlers as hairdressing appointments are cancelled under emergency override. The WAGs are transferred from patrol car to helicopter to fast jet on their urgent voyage to South Africa.

We can only hope it works.

Clare and myself went down to the Strode Theatre in Street yesterday evening to see Dylan Thomas's Under Milk Wood, performed by Street amateur dramatics. We didn't know anything important about this play so enjoyed it as a naive mini-audience. Well, the cast put on a stupendous performance with nary a welsh accent slipping as we voyeuristically observed 24 hours in the life of the tiny and insignificant welsh coastal port of Llareggub (spell it backwards) situated "under Milk Wood". Veering between gentle mockery, bawdyness and poignancy we got under the skins of a vast cast of local characters. OK, we were well impressed.

Then we came home and tuned into BBC-4's The Chatterley Affair which creates a fictional parallel between a brief affair between two of the jurors on the "Lady Chatterley's Lover" trial and the book itself. We liked it and then we went to bed.