Friday, February 12, 2010

Clare's car trashed

Back on December 27th I noted here that our neighbour had had her car smashed in. We speculated about grudges.

This morning it was Clare's turn to suffer the same fate. When I called the police at 9.20 a.m. they asked me the same question. Here's what we saw this morning - click on the images to make them larger and look for clues. The door is open because I opened it.

Clare's car showing the damage

View from the side

In fact the police made no attempt even to suggest they would investigate. After confirming there was no CCTV coverage, they promised a chat with the local neighbourhood team in due course to see if there is a 'pattern'.

I saw our neighbour this evening when I was working with the Direct Line-approved garage to tow Clare's Saxo away (see below). She was of the view that there's some bloke who's taken to coming round at 3 a.m. looking for cars to rob. Yet there was stuff in Clare's car which was in plain view after it was smashed and nothing was taken.

Towed away: our red Auris is in foreground

Clare went down to Wells today (in the Auris) to start the builder off while I had a meeting in London and went in by train. So we were not massively inconvenienced except for the bill which I confidently expect to be in the hundreds of pounds.

That and our belief that our cars are now permanently under threat here in Reading.

Toyota joke I heard at work: someone calls his friend on the mobile, his friend replies "I can't stop - I'm in a Toyota!"