Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Spin and Entanglement

In Bristol on Saturday for an OU day school for SM358, Quantum Mechanics.

Susequently working hard since Monday on TMA 03, which is mostly about spin and entanglement. Just has to be checked, scanned and sent now. While I worked away, I was frequently accompanied by torrential rain outside, with thunder booming remotely from Salisbury plain. Not a good week for camping.

Also just finished China Mieville's completely excellent new book "The City and the City" which I'll review shortly.

Otherwise not much else to report: Clare has been refilling the oven's overhead fan filters with activated carbon granules from a set of filters sent to us in error, which don't fit. Since the filter-containers are not meant to be refilled, she has been actively bodging with a screwdriver and funnel, and claims total success. Thankfully nothing will fall out of the sky as a result, right?

The cat is well, has recently caught and killed a vole which it left as a morning gift in the hall, and has resolutely refused to eat any of the kitekat from the six cans I bought over Clare's warnings, on the basis they were cheap. I now discover it only eats felix or whiskas.

Tastewise I must say I couldn't tell the difference.