Friday, July 17, 2009

Ambiguous Cream Dept.

"Does Germaloid cream work?"

This query is the most common reason why people end up here, so let me answer it.

Yes, Germaloid cream does work in shrinking haemorrhoids provided you use it on a regular basis. If the cream is old, from a tube which has been lying around in your drawer for years, it won't work nearly so well. Keep at it and follow the instructions on the tube.

And now to the story.

Someone with whom I live in close proximity came up to me this afternoon and asked "Is there any difference between Germaloid cream and Germolene?"

"Why" Iasked.

"Well, I found this tube of Germaloid cream in the living room and I've been using it as an antiseptic. Like for cuts, and on my face."

"OK," I reply, "Germaloid cream is for haemorrhoids treatment" - look of shock/horror - "but it's not as bad as you think ...

"Germaloid cream has two active ingredients: one, like in Germolene is a mild anaesthetic; the other is an astringent agent, zinc oxide, which serves to shrivel up the haemorrhoids.

"In fact, if anyone were to suggest you might have the odd stray wrinkle on your face, it might even have helped?"

One non-amused moment later and I believe the tubes have been switched.