Friday, December 05, 2008

Harewood Forest

From Wherwell we walked up the Test Way (New Barn Lane) to Harewood Forest, where we stopped in a clearing.

Clare in Harewood Forest

It was extremely quiet, so far from the roads, and recent rain had made the ground soggy underfoot.

The author showing his new hat

After a while the path changed from fallen-leaves-over-mud to pine needles, strewn in a red carpet over a surfaced track.

A conifer carpet

Now, to the left, the ground opened out and rose up to a ridge, where winter trees stood distanced and exposed.

Winter trees

Finally we came down to the Longparish Road via the old Roman Road. As we approached Wherwell again, the river Test appeared close by, flowing full and languorous, at the Winchester Road bridge, where previously tolls were collected.

The river Test at Wherwell

Even at noon, when we started our walk, the winter sun was astonishingly low in the sky, but out of the wind, there was warmth in it.

Just a piece of breaking news: we are to go down to Clare's niece this weekend to formally adopt their runaway cat, which we shall bring back to live with us in the Pentons. More later.