Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Christmas Cold

It's Christmas day and I am the proud possessor of a cold.

It began yesterday with a certain mental lethargy as I was reviewing the pros and cons of PPPoE vs. DHCP (alternative methods of providing Internet access - if this means nothing to you, ignore it, but be warned that there'll be a write-up here sometime next week).

As the afternoon progressed a sore throat kicked in and my self-diagnosis became definitive. I went public and thereby permitted myself the general hang-dog persona of the somewhat-ill. A certain degree of sympathy was consequently elicited.

I am a keen self-observer of the cold, noting that the sore throat phase is the most unpleasant, but the running nose phase more protracted and irritating.

Today I was hoping for the in-between transition where symptoms subside, and one merely feels slightly euphoric and odd, but no, the sore throat has persisted.

And so we are under the regime of Lemsip, but unlike Andrew Motion in the Wikipedia reference, I haven't noticed any acceleration of creativity...