Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Typealyzer

Typealyzer, a site mentioned by BackReaction here, claims to work out your (Myers-Briggs) personality type from your blog.

I entered the URL of this blog and out popped (the accurate) INTP. Is that amazing or what?

Obviously no-one who writes a blog is now safe!

UPDATE: I typed in my blog URL again to show Clare, and this time it came back with INTJ!

Why the change? My hypothesis is that the system is only looking at the most recent post (namely it's now looking at this one!). To explore further I typed into Typealyzer a very different URL (here) -a post where I described - with photos - a country walk we did a few days back. This time my blog was ISTJ!

So the orginal INTP was for my previous post to this one, which was a long, theoretical article about agent theory. I suppose I should have guessed that there was really very little magic involved with Typealyzer ...