Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This & that

A stroll out this afternoon - just a three mile circular walk from our home. The winter sun is so low in the afternoon - the pre-sunset over Quarley Hill was beautifully-coloured: a sight I lamentably failed to capture in this picture.

The view to Quarley Hill

This morning, as I was writing chapter 2 of "Exopsychology" (it won't be on the web for a while yet) the new Roomba arrived (pictured below, feeding at its docking station).

The Roomba 530 preparing to work

After an initial battery charge, it's trundling around the bedroom as I write.

More GR news. I knew about frame dragging, but hadn't realised that it can be thought about within the paradigm of gravitomagnetism: an analogy to the way magnetism arises from electrostatics + special relativity. What a great concept! And an intriguing experimental result here from Martin Tajmar.