Friday, September 12, 2008

Lisp on Vista

I looked around for quite a while for free Lisp systems for Windows Vista. For example here.

But you get what you pay for. I finally downloaded the free Poplog system (University of Birmingham, here) which includes common lisp. Eventually I got the Pop11 programming environment running, but no luck whatsoever with lisp. The system is really aimed at UNIX and facilities under Windows are rudimentary, e.g. no command line options.

I have now uninstalled the Poplog system and will use instead Roger Corman's common lisp system which is specifically designed for Windows (and Vista). The $250 for the integrated development environment is my Xmas present!


My sister-in-law and her husband (M. and G.) have been staying with us the last couple of days. They left this morning en route to a weekend at the Isle of Wight. As I type, it's pouring with rain and thunder echoes around the countryside. "Things to do when it's raining on the I-o-W" - discuss. Adrian is doing some temporary work on the industrial estate the other side of Andover and as they finish at 5 p.m., I expect to see him anytime soon on my bike, bedraggled. November and a return to Canada to be a snowboarding/skiing instructor again can't come soon enough, I imagine.

We're going to see The Duchess tonight at the local cinema, faute de mieux.