Monday, April 02, 2007


ITV completed its round of ‘nouvelle Austenia’ last night with Persuasion. Beautifully done, I have to say. Anne struggled throughout with the pangs of a love long-repressed, while Captain Wentworth made a wonderful transition from initial resentment for that long-ago rejection through to the realisation that of course he had always loved Anne and always would.

The worthy Captain was played by that hunky-but-sensitive all-action MI5 agent from Spooks. All the women in the house (well, Clare) went dewy-eyed every time he came into view - his knee-length leather boots looked particularly fetching.

The ending was too gooey - Captain Wentworth would never have been able to acquire Kellynch Hall from Sir Walter Elliot, and all that dancing on lawns would surely have been a bit too racey for Ms Austen’s taste. Nine out of ten, though.