Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Xmas House

Our Christmas House

In America, our house had an illuminated reindeer family to shock and awe passers-by. Back in England, we have more modest objectives: our lit-up bush cheers walkers down our dark street.

You have no idea of the engineering resources which went into this. We have no outside electricity socket, so we planned to feed the outdoor lights from the garage. This is about 30 metres away at the bottom of our back garden. We had no wiring long enough, so we had to go to the hardware shop and buy outside extension cabling. Then there were issues in getting this cabling from the inside to the outside of the garage.

When we (read Clare) put the lights on the tree, we discovered the lighting flex was so thin that it easily goes between the kitchen window and window frame and into a power point in the kitchen.

Next year we may run to a small illuminated hedgehog ...