Monday, November 14, 2005

Many Worlds (1)

Still thinking about Greg Egan's Quarantine, which I re-read coming back from Brussels last Wednesday, I looked on the web for more on Everett's 'Many Worlds' interpretation of QM. Michael Clive Prices's The Everett FAQ was a more compelling account than I had seen before, and prompted me both to re-open the Feynman lectures in physics, Vol. III and to purchase Colin Bruce's Schrodinger's Rabbits: Entering The Many Worlds Of Quantum.

Although I tend to be inundated with Amazon books, I couldn't resist something which got five stars from Peter Shor, the (ex-) AT&T mathematician who developed the first algorithm for quantum computers which could factorise large numbers really fast, thus undermining public key cryptography. He also has a great limerick about this.

Today will see more work on the book, focusing on how the Skype & E+ deal in Germany violates the ethics of common carrier provisions.

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