Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The Matthew Parris diet

I wrote this almost three years ago (Feb 2015):
"I recall Matthew Parris's famous remark on dieting: 'If you're a bit overweight, skip breakfast; if the problem is a little more serious, skip lunch too. The problem will soon be resolved.'"
This morning I am three pounds overweight (10 stone 11 lb) after a week of pre-Christmas, three-meals-a-day over-indulgence.

Back to the Matthew Parris diet.


Yesterday we were in Priddy. The famous Queen Vic pub has been transformed into The Gingerbread Inn.

The Queen Victoria remade by day ...

... and by night

Doesn't this remind you of a fairytale?

I recall Hansel was fattened-up. Did he ever sort that problem out?

Perhaps I should ask my sister.

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