Saturday, November 04, 2017

Zena Skinner's Christmas Cake

A much loved post from two years ago.

Here's the link to the PDF
"Zena Skinner is (apparently) a legendary TV cook from c. 40 years ago. Her rich and luscious Christmas Cake recipe was mentioned on BBC's Points West this evening [2015] - a few stalwart families have handed down the typewritten recipe over the years and still swear by it.

"Zena's Christmas Cake comes in round and square versions of various sizes and is richer in fruit than customary today. Here is the link to her cookbook (PDF) - refer to pages numbered 60-64 (physical pages 62-66 for printing) for the Christmas Cake recipe.

"The cookbook is also (via resellers) available on Amazon.

"The cake should have been made in October, to give it time to mature, so there's hardly any time to waste."
I expect Clare to be on the case shortly: here's a picture of her 2015 effort.

Clare's Zena Skinner Christmas Cake 2015 (delicious!!)

Will she be able to top it in 2017?


Update, November 11th 2017.

Waitrose sells out of Zena's Christmas Cake ingredients!

We were at Waitrose this afternoon. Amidst the usual pre-Christmas shopping shelf-turnover, this section stood out. There has been a run on ingredients for Zena Skinner's Christmas Cake!

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