Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Diary: Barrington Court (National Trust)

Barrington Court (National Trust) is a fifty minute drive from our home in Wells, Somerset; the temperature peaked at 24 degrees today.

Barrington Court from one of the walled gardens

Clare in a walled garden

Clare and myself at the front of the house

The flowers are colourful but a little past their best


En route home we stopped at RSPB Swell Wood to visit the Heron Sanctuary

In the Heron Hide was a small group of pensioners who had been bussed in to see the herons. They came equipped with high-power binoculars and rather sophisticated long-lens cameras.

Clare sandwiched between the real enthusiasts

The birds in question were (apparently) nesting high up in the canopy, quite a way off. I saw nothing, but Clare cadged a view through a telescope and claims to have spotted a chick.

Here's my video account of the Heron Hide experience:


And finally, we have a mini bee-colony in the birdbox in our back garden.

I gave her the option: cherish or kill?

Clare is not quite a 'friend to bees' but she doesn't fear them in the way she is panic-stricken about wasps. So they will be suffered to live and thrive .. very close to our clothes line.

I expect to be checking my shirts and underwear very carefully the rest of the summer.

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