Friday, April 22, 2016

The Beacon at the Tor

Morrisons car park was almost empty (to my surprise) as we started our mile walk to the Tor - would it really be such an affront to the New-Age to build some parking next to the Tor's entrance?

We started the long climb at quarter to eight as the light began to fail, a queue of pilgrims rising before us; we could already see the crowd at the top of the hill.

Clare spotting for other beacons from Glastonbury Tor last night

We had thought the beacon would be some monstrous, Guy Fawkes-style bonfire, but it was more of a lantern. There was a town cryer in full regalia, reading the Royal Proclamation, and some guy in embroidered white robes adorned with knotted rope, who might have been a druid. A small contingent of military cadets stood aimlessly to one side.

There was a ragged singing of "Jerusalem" although to what purpose we did not know.

Your author, stoic in the cold wind and gathering gloom, as they try to light it

As they tried repeatedly to light the lantern beacon the crowd, as one, brought out their phones and tablets; I was equally an offender.

The obligatory drone was grounded on account of the arctic gale swirling around the Tor.

The Beacon was finally alight

Clare looked for other beacons in the national chain. I could not clearly differentiate candidates from distant car headlights but it occupied a few shivering moments, until we could plausibly make our way down again.

We popped into Morrisons and bought a couple of vanilla slices to compensate them for use of their car park, and went home.

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