Sunday, June 21, 2015

Classic pix: fifty+ years after

Sometime it feels right to share. Yesterday we were rummaging around some old family pictures and these gems emerged. Thanks to Matt for doing the scanning.

Click on any of the pictures to make them larger.

Adrian and Nigel Seel c.1956 at WSM
Here my brother Adrian and myself are exploring the delights of Weston-super-Mare. My Wawrinka-style shorts are a sartorial delight, but Adrian easily trumps them with his designer nappy.

Beryl Seel in her early teens
This picture of my mother was probably taken in the late-1930s at her home in William Street, St Pauls, Bristol.

A mysterious person known only as my sister
My glamorous sister, in her youth, had a penchant for pictures like this. Naturally, we keep them very private.

Shirley Porter, Beryl Seel, Nigel, Elaine, Adrian mid-1960s
Yes, kids, the swinging sixties had arrive and (apart from Shirley), the Seel family hadn't noticed!

Wendy and the infant Nigel at 41 Oakleaze, Longlevens, Gloucester 
My first cousin once removed, Wendy, aged 15 years. Your humble author looks three, which would place this picture in 1954-55.

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