Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Tomorrow, weather permitting, EA Construction will be coming around to paint our house. The front had been refaced with cement and looks gray and rough; the rest is old, tired and colonised (picture). I'm told that after two weeks we will be somewhat pink - I prefer to believe we're talking adobe.

Before painting (the back of the house)
What else? A spare bed which has been cluttering up the house for years is due to be collected by the YMCA, also tomorrow. I really have no knowledge of this organisation beyond that imparted by noted troubadours, The Village People, but I'm sure the bed will be put to good use.

I had an application in with the OPG for LPA which I had rather feared might lost in the post. I called this morning and yes, they have received it, there are no errors and the registration process is ongoing.

The author: why so smug?
Anything else? Well, this morning I weighed in at just 10 stone 11 (68.5 kg) ... and we have Clare's special homemade spaghetti carbonara tonight (.. so that might change, then).