Sunday, March 16, 2014


A walk along the top of Burrington Combe yesterday - the sun was bright but the wind blustery and cold. Goats apparently scamper freely up and down the steep sides of the gorge - how do they do that?

Burrington Combe looking west

Burrington Combe looking east

Clare buffeted by a cold, blustery wind

Arts and Crafts: before and after

Our filing cabinet is much improved - wallpaper from B&Q in Glastonbury.

I know you want an update on my skiing. I've reached a kind of plateau where I can't consistently get the elements of the parallel turn to work. It's all about balance, speed control and weight-shifting to the outside ski; knowing is one thing and doing something quite else. Currently Monday and Friday hour-long sessions at the Mendip Snowsport Centre - and hoping it will all come together soon.

I'll be closing my company, Interweave Consulting, at the end of this tax year (next month): more focus on writing and activities.