Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Mosquitoes in Somerset

Love that dopplered hum as you lie awake at 2 am. That intimate, penetrating whine as - invisible - it skims past your ear. Why doesn't it attack? There's an exposed wrist, an overheated ankle carelessly protruding from beneath the duvet. Surely it's hungry?

Silence now .. but you'll be woken again soon and it'll be lumps in the morning.

An unwanted house guest

A consequence of the mild weather and the flooded Somerset levels. The mosquito population has begun its exponential expansion and already here in the City of Wells our house has been invaded. Where's the spray?
I managed to leave my mobile phone at my mother's house in Bristol yesterday. So no calls or texts for a week: email, skype or the fixed line work.
UPDATE: 9.30 am this morning.

Splat! the flyswatter clobbers a big, juicy mosquito high up on our bedroom wall, leaving a blood-red smear. Clare's, not mine - and definitely not a room 101 situation ('do it to Julia, not me!!') ...