Monday, October 21, 2013

"The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded."

Not a message you want to see as you try to log-on to your laptop.

Asus Netbook: can't log-in

The offending error message

I looked it up on Google of course. Here's the tip: you have to start in safe-mode, do stuff with a recovery disk (don't have one) and then mess around changing stuff in the Registry.

No way.

When I bought the Netbook, back in April 2011 the PC World sales guy looked at me askance. "You do have another computer as well, don't you?" he asked. He meant - a proper computer.

Fixated as I was on lightness and a long battery life I ignored him, and have been suffering ever since. An example: start Word, go get a coffee, arrive back as the document opens on the screen.

As all of my files are on Dropbox, it doesn't matter that I can't get into the Netbook. So I think this is an opportunity to write it off and get one of those combined tablets cum laptops running Windows 8.1. Something I can work on (MS Office), and also use as a tablet.

Research to come. Meanwhile I've dug my old laptop out of a cupboard. The fan doesn't work but it's superior to the Asus device in all performance aspects. And the weather's getting colder ...