Monday, July 08, 2013

Weston-super-Mare @ 27 degrees C

In Westerns, the tumbleweed rolls lazily over the prairie; at Weston-super-Mare it's plastic bags which bowl merrily along the sand, propelled by a constant breeze which cools but also annoys. I had promised a paddle in the sea, but it looked as if one could walk across to Wales untroubled by moisture.

Our picnic was sugar-loaded heaven: tiramisu, walnut & coffee cake, Eccles cakes; a few pieces of fruit a ritualistic nod to health and safety. Carbs were much in evidence: obligatory ham sandwiches and home-made sausage rolls. It was of course all absolutely delicious.

After a while it got way too hot .. so we transitioned to air-conditioned luxury at Waitrose and partook in afternoon tea.

Weston-super-Mare: it surely has everything the day-tripper could desire ...

Pax in litore

Stop taking my photo!

Not a believer in SPF