Saturday, October 06, 2012

Intermittent Fasting at +2 months

Date Stone Lb Pounds Kg Delta(Lb)
07/08/2012 13 8 190 86.4  
08/09/2012 12 13 181 82.3 9
06/10/2012 12 7 175 79.5 6

Two months ago I started the "intermittent fast" programme (two days a week eating just breakfast @ 500 cals) at a weight of 13st 8lbs. Two months into the mission and I am just over a stone lighter and about an inch thinner around the waist.

It's not a fast (sic) process, losing weight, but recall the main motivation for the programme: to improve the body's ability to repair DNA and reduce the various other unhealthy results of endless stuffing. According to various health charts, however, the optimal weight for someone of my age and height is about a further stone lighter (11st 6lb).

The guru here is Michael Mosely and his Horizon programme, now on YouTube.

Clare's actual weight loss started - IMHO - about the same time as I entered the programme and she has managed to lose 7 lbs over the same two month period (she's not fasting: just eating less and cutting out carbs).