Thursday, April 29, 2010

Car crash debates

So can't talk about work as it's commercial in confidence. But not much time to be thinking about anything else so a paucity of posts here.

How can anyone watch those leaders' debates on TV? All the answers are carefully crafted to avoid any error or hostage to fortune. They're totally formulaic and devoid of novelty or information. I really don't recognise the pundits' enthusiasm for totally turn-off TV. Perhaps it's like the amateur interest in Formula 1: we hang on in case we get a spectacular pile-up completely out of the blue.

Rather than working at home down in Wells tomorrow I have to attend a workshop in London. So I'm expecting to fully participate in the traffic nightmare of the pre-Bank Holiday escape to the West Country tomorrow evening.

Stephen Hawking has missed a trick in not calling for the new science of 'alienology' (cf. 'Kremlinology') which would study the dispositions, capabilities and intentions of alien civilizations 'out there'.

I'm with the 'keep a low profile' party - which I believe is not standing in the current election.