Saturday, October 03, 2009

The Vyne, north of Basingstoke

On an overcast, blustery Saturday we revisited The Vyne, an Elizabethan country house just north of Basingstoke. Three woodland walks beckoned and eschewing green and yellow we took the brown route, at 2.3 miles the longest.

On our circular walk we met coming the other way a family comprising a large, 'pub landlord' kinda guy with a couple of equal-sized dogs, followed by his thin 'partner' followed by two small kids, the girl being called Paige. Actually we met them twice and they were friendlier the second time round.

We also encountered a number of conker shells, with surprisingly sharp spikes.

Our tranquilly was somewhat spoiled by helicopters hovering invisibly above the dense tree cover, which I speculated were hunting for the family already described.

The Lake

The Vyne

The Walled Garden - Clare is quite envious!