Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Angels and Demons

The wind had dropped, a beautiful setting sun was framed by a deep blue sky, flecked with high cirrus clouds. As 8 p.m. approached, we drove into town to the Reel Cinema to see "Angels and Demons". The anticipation of seeing the Vatican encounter a few grams of antimatter was further piqued by the knowledge that on Wednesdays it's half-price night. Yes, we'd get in for £3.50 each.

As we rolled into the car park, Clare ominously observed that it was unusually full. Could all these people really be shopping in the Asda store beneath the cinema? We took the lift to the ticket desk to be told that 157 seats were all sold out, as tout-Andover came out from days of rain for a little recreation. A testament to the price elasticity of demand.

Since Hannah Montana did not recommend itself as an alternative, perhaps tomorrow?