Sunday, October 12, 2008

What we did on a sunny Sunday

Clear blue sky, sun with real heat in it. A tee-shirt and jeans day in mid-October.

After lunch we borrowed a neighbour's electric drill and ladder to attach hooks just underneath the front bedroom window. Wire was strung through and the vast and clutching plant which had been flopping and battering my study window on the ground floor has ended-up securely attached and with a new focus on growing vertically.

As a reward to Adrian, he got to drive us to Danebury Hill Fort (our second visit in a couple of weeks) where conditions were just perfect for a stroll-up and walk around the perimeter earth-bank.

This evening, Snow White got a battery recharge, and I discovered a readable section of Proust - part II where Swann's love for Odette is described.

Odette was said to resemble Botticelli's Zippora (pictured). Zippora was the wife of Moses.