Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sartorial and hotel life

The weather here is too hot for regular business shoes, so I went down to the Mall of the Emirates this morning to buy some fashionable Italianate shoes with a kind of summery mesh-weave. Passing rapidly by the hyper-expensive designer shops, I ended up in Clarks where I bought executive sandals (pictured, along with the mandatory Carrefour green tea).

I know it's a style atrocity to wear sandals with a suit, but if one is geek enough to do it, then these are probably the best ones.

I have to say that tipping policy here is a nightmare. The Indian staff appear receptive to tips, while the Asians refuse with a kind of quiet, insistent dignity which actually makes you feel you insulted them by offering (as just happened when my tuna sandwiches arrived lunchtime).

I felt quite bad as I munched through the meal, but compensated by spreading ketchup liberally all over my fries.

Note 1: Despite yesterday's warnings, the water was never in fact turned off.

Note 2: Excellent physics reference site by Gerard 't Hooft here.