Saturday, January 12, 2008

My assignment: one week in

I've been too busy to do anything in the evening - so goodbye fantasies of piano playing.

The state of London Transport is shocking. I know everyone knows this, but Thursday morning the Jubilee line packed up in the morning, so many people on the project were an hour late. Didn't affect me however, as I was in a nearby hotel and came in on the Docklands Light Railway, the DLR.

However, that night I was going home. At Canary Wharf, the Jubilee line was still broken. I got my suitcase and myself across to the DLR station where they were twenty-deep on the platform: the few trains to Bank which eventually did arrive were full. I therefore got a bus north to Mile End and transferred to a tube to Waterloo. En route I heard that the Circle line was suspended due to unforeseen staff shortages, the Picadilly line was out of action due to a defective train and the District line had severe signalling problems! My two hour trip had turned into three hours.

How does anyone survive a daily commute into London?