Saturday, August 25, 2007

Articulated lorry crash

Our guess is that he had been stuck behind something slow for far too long and had mistaken the right-hand turn-off lane to Penton Mewsey for the start of a dual carriageway.

The next thing he would have seen was the upcoming grass of the central reservation as that lane ends, which forces you further right, onto the opposing carriageway.

Something extreme has to happen next. A few months back, someone trying the same manoeuvre slammed into the steel girders protecting the pavement on the right of the picture above - and was duly ambulanced away in neck braces. This guy just managed to overturn his ride. Thankfully there was no-one coming the other way at the time.

Looks like the local road traffic engineers need to do some more thinking on layout. It used to be dual carriageway in both directions (and people really cranked it up) but after a motorcyclist got killed just at this very spot trying to make a right, they changed it to single carriageways via the signs and cross-hatching which can be seen in the picture. But I think it still confuses people.

Nice weather for the late-August Bank Holiday right now. Taking it easy and recovering from my piano lesson this morning. No matter how much I have practiced, Suzanne always manages to raise the bar that little bit further ... next challenge, the Minuet in G Major from Anna Magdalena's Notebook (usually attributed to Christian Petzold) mentioned in a previous post.