Sunday, October 29, 2006

Salisbury Plain October 29th

A sunny Sunday afternoon, 14 degrees C, as we revisit the MoD training grounds on Salisbury Plain. It's absolutely windless, and amazing that even as the clocks went back today, we can still walk around without coats. Almost, in the case of Clare.

Clare as we start our walk

As the picture shows, we've recently had a fair amount of rain, and the tanks have chewed up the ground. At various points small growing copses are fenced off to allow new growth, with signs keeping trucks and tanks out.

Keep Out!

Below was the farthest point of our walk. On the way back we saw strings of parachutists emerging at around 5-6,000 feet and doing violent turns on the way down. In this manoevre, the parafoil tips vertically and the pilot is swung round horizontally, as if on a fast carousel. You come down very fast.

The farthest point of our walk