Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Short stories (warning: sex/violence)

There are short stories dotted throughout this blog, brought together below. If there is no link, the story is in draft and not yet published here. Try again in a week or two.


Part 1: The 'Constellation' (fifties-style pulp SF)
  1. Gifts Differing
  2. Space Opera
  3. True Romance
  4. Phytocide
  5. The Time Hunters of Minsky-4

Part 2: Stories of the Near Today
  1. I talk to my car - self-driving cars - you're serious?
  2. Aragorn at the Inn of the Prancing Pony - a poor hotel experience
  3. Autocomplete - Google is writing my blog for me
  4. Mining Mars - Elon Musk's new idea for his Mars colony
  5. "They choke horses, don't they?" - the war on plastics
  6. Anthea   - Anthea discovers she's been wronged (part 1).
  7. Arabella - Arabella will be Anthea's revenge (part 2).
  8. Technical Consultant - we're in Dilbert territory, sort of.
  9. Dimensionality Reduction - immortality incorporeal.
  10. Cruel and Unusual - a robust response to Islamic terrorism.
  11. The Gauss gambit - a Pride and Prejudice tale.
  12. Dave declares - the best-laid plans for immortality corporeal.
  13. Frustration - vacations can disappoint.
  14. Passing The Exam - Islamic ambition.
  15. Disruptive automation in the sex trade: part 2.

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